Self-Care Retreat: Healing Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Stress

What do anxiety, depression and stress have in common?   They are a continual state of overdrive, agitation, and overstimulation of our nervous system.   Over time, these conditions can lead to insomnia, digestive issues, chronic pain, inflammation and muscle tension.   An important component of long-term emotional and stress resilience is the ability to come back into balance by interrupting the negative pattern that keeps us stuck in overdrive.   

Each retreat is an opportunity to take refuge from our accelerated pace of life and to practice skills that will help us to restore, rebalance and recover. We will come together as a community, gather around ritual, and realize the importance of true rest and slowing down. We will reflect on what it means to care for ourselves and how doing so supports greater resilience so we can change our lives and offer more to others. We come to recognize that caring for ourselves forms the basis of caring for others.

Our nourishing self-care practice will include:

Gentle therapeutic yoga to revitalize the body and focus the mind
Restorative yoga to relax the body and ease the mind
Self-compassion meditation to rewire the brain
Breathing practices to soothe the heart and nervous system

Coffee and breakfast treats will be provided. Please bring your own lunch.

All are welcome, no previous yoga experience required.

Date: Saturday September 14, 2019
Time: 10 to 2 pm
Location: Mind Body Sanctuary
4204 Leary Way NW in Ballard
Cost: $75
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Workshop for Couples: The Fundamentals of Secure Attachment

This foundational workshop is designed to assist couples in understanding the basics of a safe and secure attachment with an intimate other. 

What is required for a truly lasting and loving connection with our intimate partners?  Drawing from Attachment Theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy, this workshop provides an opportunity to understand our habitual ways of relating, identify one another's attachment styles, discover what gets in the way of healthy relating, and explore ways to strengthen our emotional bonds as a way to achieve the security, safety and lasting relationship satisfaction we seek.  

Format will include lecture/teachings, experiential exercises with our partners, and group discussions.  

Date: TBD
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