Workshop for Couples: The Fundamentals of Secure Attachment

This foundational workshop is designed to assist couples in understanding the basics of a safe and secure attachment with an intimate other. 

What is required for a truly lasting and loving connection with our intimate partners?  Drawing from Attachment Theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy, this workshop provides an opportunity to understand our habitual ways of relating, identify one another's attachment styles, discover what gets in the way of healthy relating, and explore ways to strengthen our emotional bonds as a way to achieve the security, safety and lasting relationship satisfaction we seek.  

Format will include lecture/teachings, experiential exercises with our partners, and group discussions.  

Date: Saturdays June 15 and June 22, 2019
Time: 10 to 1 pm both days
Location: 224 NE 65 Street
Cost: $325 per couple. Limited scholarships available.
Register at:

Self-Care Retreat: Taking Refuge

Retreats are an opportunity to take pause from our accelerated pace of life and to realign with who we are and what matters most to us. Each retreat weekend is an opportunity to take refuge, to return home to ourselves, and to find our belonging. We will come together as a community, gather around ritual, and share our reflections around what it means to care for ourselves and how doing so supports greater resilience so we can change our own lives and offer more to others. Woven throughout the weekend are periods of quiet meditation and yoga practices, both active and restorative — powerful tools to help quiet the mind, rewire the brain, revitalize the body, and soothe the nervous system. Lunch each day will be held in social silence in order to cultivate inner quiet and deeper self-reflection.

Dates: Saturday August 24 - Sunday August 25, 2019
Time: August 24 10 to 5 pm; August 25 10 to 3 pm
Location: Mind Body Sanctuary
4204 Leary Way NW in Ballard
Cost: $375 Limited scholarships available.
$300 Early Bird, if registered before August 1.
Register at: jennyleungtherapy@gmail.