"Let me fall if I must.  The one I become will catch me." -Anonymous


Are you longing to live a more authentic, fulfilling and joyful life?  Do you feel stuck in aspects of your life?  Are you feeling sad, angry, confused, or worried most of the time?   Do you feel alone and disconnected or wish you could connect better with yourself and with the important people in your life?  Are you curious and excited to grow?  


I am a strength-based attachment-oriented therapist who integrates cognitive behavioral, somatic, interpersonal/relational and mindfulness approaches into each therapy session. With Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), I will help you to connect with your emotions and underlying needs so that you can change your habitual patterns of relating to self and others and feel more secure, confident, and connected.   As a psychotherapist, I serve as a guide to help you to elicit your own insights into your current challenges and to find the most effective tools for you.  I help you to recognize and grow your strengths while helping you to hold your challenges with understanding.  I am honest and direct yet gentle and patient in my approach to helping you touch deeper into who you are and the potential of who you can become.  I will encourage you to listen deeply within yourself for the answers you seek.    I tend to dive deep - individuals who are most successful are those who are serious and committed to their therapeutic process.  


Imagine being able to move beyond arguments you've had for years and feel good about yourself and your relationship again.  Discover how to communicate with your partner in order to get their attention, feel understood, and elicit compassion and caring.  Emotionally-focused couples therapy can help defuse tension in your relationship as you begin to relax and respond tenderly towards each other.   My goal is to help you and your partner get beyond fighting and defensive positions while developing new ways of relating and communicating that foster greater warmth, safety and open-heartedness in your relationship.  


BEING and BECOMING: Setting Intentions for the New Year

Dates: 6 Saturdays: January 19 - February 23, 2019
Time: 10 to 12 noon
Location: 224 NE 65 Street in Greenlake
Cost: $360 (due at registration)

“I feel within me a consuming fire of heavenly love which has burned up in my soul everything that was contrary to itself and transformed me inwardly into its own nature.”  — William Law

January ushers in a time to restore, resettle, and return home to ourselves.  We begin this process by finding our ground – by being simply who we are.  From this ground, we reflect on where we’ve been and who we’ve become.  We honor the lessons learned and the changes we made, and we resolve to continue our self-discovery and growth into the coming year.   

Who do I want to be in the new year?  What do I want to welcome more into my life?    What old patterning needs to be released in order to make room for new possibilities?   On some level, we already know what we want and what needs to shift in order to become more fully who we are.   By engaging in simple meditation and passive yoga postures, we will access the body’s wisdom to stimulate our intuition around this knowing. 

We will gather in community to reflect on and articulate what is calling to us most urgently and how best to bring those callings into true form this coming year.  


SELF-IDENTITY: Who am I and What do I want?

Dates: 7 Saturdays: September 22 - November 3, 2018
Time: 10 to 12 noon
Location: 224 NE 65 Street in Greenlake
Cost: $420 (due at registration) 

At different phases of our lives, we are confronted with questions of self-identity: who am I and what do I want in this stage of my life? 

The work of Self-Identity and Self-Discovery begins with understanding who we are, what makes us unique, what strengthens us and makes us whole.  At the same time, where are we challenged and what is calling us to be healed?  In this process, we come closer to knowing what it is we want in what Mary Oliver calls our "one wild and precious life."  

What are our greatest hopes and longings, how can we access them, and what gets in the way of our fulfilling them?  We will pay particular focus on self-sabotaging behaviors: how we get in our own way and how we can release maladaptive behavior patterns in order to live more fulfilling lives.  

We will gather to explore these important questions and participate in collective healing in a supportive, reflective community.  Through group discussion and experiential exercises, we will come to discover and recover who we are as individuals and who we are in relationship to others.  

Our 7 weeks culminate in a daylong retreat (Sunday, November 11) that includes two sessions of yoga.