"Let me fall if I must.  The one I become will catch me." -Anonymous


Are you longing to live a more authentic, fulfilling and joyful life?  Do you feel stuck in aspects of your life?  Are you feeling sad, angry, confused, or worried most of the time?   Do you feel alone and disconnected or wish you could connect better with yourself and with the important people in your life?  Are you curious and excited to grow?  


I am a strength-based attachment-oriented therapist who integrates cognitive behavioral, somatic, interpersonal/relational and mindfulness approaches into each therapy session. With Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), I will help you to connect with your emotions and underlying needs so that you can change your habitual patterns of relating to self and others and feel more secure, confident, and connected.   As a psychotherapist, I serve as a guide to help you to elicit your own insights into your current challenges and to find the most effective tools for you.  I help you to recognize and grow your strengths while helping you to hold your challenges with understanding.  I am honest and direct yet gentle and patient in my approach to helping you touch deeper into who you are and the potential of who you can become.  I will encourage you to listen deeply within yourself for the answers you seek.    I work successfully with individuals of all ages (children, teens, adults and elders).  

COUPLES COUNSELING with Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT)

Imagine being able to move beyond arguments you've had for years and feel good about yourself and your relationship again.  Discover how to communicate with your partner in order to get their attention, feel understood, and elicit compassion and caring.  Emotionally-focused couples therapy can help defuse tension in your relationship as you begin to relax and respond tenderly towards each other.   My goal is to help you and your partner get beyond fighting and defensive positions while developing new ways of relating and communicating that foster greater warmth, safety and open-heartedness in your relationship.